Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time is flying by...

So little Miss Ava is 5 weeks old today. She is already changing so much and some of her personality is starting to show which is just adorable. Steven and I have truly enjoyed our time with her and we are blessed to be able to have this time with our family. As first time parents, we've learned a great deal over the past 5 weeks but still have so much to learn. Thankfully, Ava is really a great baby. She must know her Mommy and Daddy are learning so she gives us some slack. Here are several pictures that we've taken over the first 5 weeks. Enjoy! :-)

Ava's first bath... as you can tell she didn't really like this ;-)

Ava enjoying some quality time with her great grandmother, MaMa

Ava having fun with her Daddy ;-)

She loves sleeping on her Daddy's chest

We have learned to catch some zzz whenever and wherever you can!

All dressed up for her first trip into town

A couple of my favorites from her newborn session.. she was wide awake!

Mommy's little angel

Chillin with her Daddy