Sunday, January 15, 2012

And the waiting game continues...

Well since Miss Ava hasn't made her grand appearance yet I thought it would be a nice time to post some pictures of her completed nursery. We had such a great time planning for and decorating her nursery and we did it with a lot of help and love from our family and friends. Steven did an amazing job at painting the room and installing the chair rail. My Aunt Bobbie is such a talented artist and painted some murals on the walls with some help from my Mom and I. Steven's grandma, MaMa, sewed the curtains and re-upholstered the glider cushion for us. Steven and I have been collecting wooden toys and Golden books since those are our favorites. Ava has a very nice library collection from my storybook themed baby shower and the generosity of our friends and family. My Mom gave me a ton of stuff from when I was a child that I have incorporated into Ava's room which makes it extra special. There really isn't a "theme" per se but I am not into themes... I was going for a vintage shabby chic look. We did incorporate some moon and stars to add some character since Steven loves astronomy. Hope you enjoy... the only thing we need now is a baby! She was technically due 4 days ago but she's already showing us that we are on her time clock now. :-)

One of the my favorite pieces is the chandelier light.. Steven bought that for my birthday last year

My Aunt Bobbie painted this mural above the changing table

We ordered the wall decal from etsy (my addiction) and it turned out great.

Our glider that Steven painted, MaMa re-upholstered, and I made the pillow (my first sewing project with my new machine)

Some more of Aunt Bobbie's paintings on the bottom of the wall.. Ava's own little garden

Hmm... I wonder if she has enough clothes lol

This shelf has a lot of items from when I was a child combined with some new items

The curtains made by MaMa and the shelfs have been in our family for years (made by Aunt Bobbie years ago)

Above the other window... we love wooden toys


  1. It is so sweet I can't wait to see her in it.

  2. Love it! Ava's room is so cute, I am loving all those clothes!!! So glad to have you out in blog land, it is amazing!! Love ya!