Monday, January 9, 2012

Waiting on Ava

Well today is t-2 days until our official due date, January 11, 2012. Steven and I are both very excited and anxious to meet our little girl, Ava. So far I have been lucky in that my pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing (no morning sickness, no really strange cravings although I LOVE anything spicy, and I haven't had any medical complications). I am hoping our delivery goes smooth as well. So far no signs of labor and we have our next doctor's appointment tomorrow. Ava is actually due on Steven's birthday.. I secretly want her to come on another day so her and her Daddy can each have their own special day but it would be a pretty awesome birthday gift to give Steven a daughter. However, let's be honest... I have no control over when this little girl is going to bless us with her presence! I just can't wait to be a Mommy and Steven is so excited to be a Daddy. He talks to my belly every night.. it's so adorable. Here are some of our maternity pictures we had taken by Studio386 photography and one from Christmas 2011.

I love the background on this one

Christmas 2011

My sweet hubby and I

The love we feel for this little girl already is amazing!

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