Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ava's Grand Appearance

Well it finally happened! Our beautiful little girl, Ava Christine Thames, arrived on January 17, 2012 at 7:33 am weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces and 21.06 inches long. Her arrival didn't quite go as planned though. I started having contractions around 3 am on January 16th but Steven and I walked around our yard all morning waiting for the contractions to get stronger. We finally headed to the hospital around noon on January 16th. I had a long labor and developed a fever. Around 7 am on January 17th, the doctor suggested we get a C-section and we agreed. So, after 28 hours of labor our little angel was born via C-section. Unfortunately, she had a few complications as well with a fever, pneumonia, and bilateral pneumothoraxes and required a 7 day stay in the NICU. Steven and I stayed at the hospital the entire time and would not leave her side. She pulled through like a champ and is now doing very well at home! Here are a few pictures from our journey of labor through her hospital stay and finally the joy of bringing our precious baby home. Steven and I love this little bundle of joy more than words can express. She is our world. Enjoy!

Steven was my rock throughout labor. He did an amazing job and was so supportive!

These two ladies were troopers and stayed the whole time with me. Thanks girls!

My Mom and Dad waiting on Ava.. we had a room full of family and friends in the waiting room

Our first family photo :-) This was taken right before they whisked her away to the NICU

Ava Christine Thames welcome to the world beautiful!

Our poor little angel in her oxy hood for the first day or so. We couldn't hold her until she was weaned off the hood.

Proud Daddy

Grandma spending time with Ava in the NICU

Finally headed home!

Daddy showing Ava her nursery for the first time :-)

We love our little angel with all of our heart!

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  1. Sweet journey! It is crazy how in an instant your world changes, you know you will love this precious joy growing inside of you but it is not until you hold them that you truely feel how great your love can be! Being a parent is such an amazing gift from God. We love ya!